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Monday morning the four of us woke up and packed up our room, leaving behind Daniel's birthday piñata. If you stay in Oasis Hostel in Granada, the blue chicken piñata will probably still be there hanging in our room. We caught a very crowded bus (in Nicaragua there's always room for one more) and rode to the town of Masaya. We found a market bursting at the seams with every kind of souvenir you can think of and then some.

How about a painting of a very round Nicaraguan sitting on the toilet? Huge dried bullfrogs in scandalous sex positions? I'm sure you all are looking forward to your Christmas gifts from us ;) One of our favorites was an awesome rasta beanie featuring Bob Margey! We ended up buying some pretty hammocks and quickly made our way back to Granada to catch the ferry heading towards the island of Ometepe.

Ometepe is a figure 8 shaped Island formed by two volcanoes, one of which is still active and last erupted in 2012... I don't want my mothers to worry though, they had escape routes clearly marked pointing the most direct route to the water.

Our ferry was a bumpy three hour ride to the island. The last hour was spent watching the sun set next to the looming Volcán Concepcion. Once we docked, we rode with some other travelers in a taxi van to "Monkies Islands" Hostel on the southern end of the island. It would be a stretch to call what we drove on a road but we made it all the same.

We left our room in the morning to find a waterfall hidden in the jungle high up on the smaller Volcán Maderas. We were all hot and tired by the time we got to the beginning of the trail, so to say that it was a tough hike is an understatement. But! We made it to the top. Let's not forget that Kalee is six months pregnant! She's so tough :D The waterfall was beautiful. It had started raining right before we got to the top so we were thoroughly cooled off after a few minutes. Luckily the day before we left the states, Max's wonderful grandmother Leilani fixed up a waterproof bag for our camera! The storm blew over and we were able to get some pictures with our very dry and functioning camera.

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