The time has finally come for us to leave Rexburg Idaho and set off into the world to seek our fortune. Leaving great friends and our friendly little college town we took two weeks on our way home to Northwest Arkansas.

We spent one day in Salt Lake City to take some fun 50's style portraits in an old fashioned soda fountain with our friend Lauren L, before heading to Moab Utah.

"The Short-Cut"

We took our time driving, (our top speed was about 60 mph), taking the less traveled and sometimes much smaller roads as opposed to the highway. You can see where we took a "shortcut" on our way to Moab Utah. It got a little bumpy!

We stayed in Moab for two days and explored the trails in the area with our old Land Cruiser.  Kenna wasn't very happy about off-roading with all of our belongings packed in the back, but we made it through and found some amazing views.

If you're looking for a fun trail with incredible views and some fun stretches for 4-wheel drive, definitely take the "Long Canyon Road" between Dead Horse Point and Corona Arch.

Check out all the pictures from our trip across Utah:

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